My company is located in dingxi city stability district give Mr Nakagawa park village,Was built in2007Years6Month,Its predecessor was in dingxi hoau paper tube factory,Only film production、Paper tube shed film。With the expansion of the business,2012Years6Month1Registered as a limited company,Is the production of various kinds of thread tube、Plain paper tube and mounting a professional company specialized in the heavens and the earth pole。Company existing staff30People,The technical professionals5People,Factory occupied area4000Square meters,The workshop2500Square meters,Total assets300More than ten thousand yuan。Have all kinds of professional machinery20Multiple sets,Four of the nose high precision spiral coil pipe bender1Taiwan,Two head spiral coil pipe bender2Taiwan,Three color rotary gravure printing1Taiwan,The paper cutting machine2Taiwan,Fine cutting machine2Taiwan,Plain roll mill2Taiwan,Capping machine1Taiwan,Flanging machine1Taiwan;Woodworking class machines6Sets,Paper tube pressure tester testing equipment1Sets。2013Years7Month,Companies introduce new capacity500Square meters ashkenazi CNC automatic paper tube production line1The article,And fill the gaps in the province。Quality assurance,Availability timely,And in strict accordance with industry standards。We would like to work with our customers hand in hand to forge ahead,Create brilliant,Sincerely hope to become your partner,More welcome customers friends come to our factory to negotiate guidance,The good faith cooperation!

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League Department People Manager zhao

Contact phone number 18909329009

Seat Machine 0932-8263118

The ground The address Dingxi city, gansu province give up science and technology park

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League Department People:Manager zhao

Contact phone number:18909329009

Seat    Machine:0932-8263118

The ground    The address:Dingxi city, gansu province give up science and technology park

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